the sugar daddy

feeling like no one sees you? on the World Wide Web that is.

if you’ve ever googled yourself & found you’re not so popular after all, this marketing package is one of the best bangs for your buck. paying google is kind of like wearing all the right clothes in middle school. it’ll get you noticed & hanging with the cool kids in no time!

a true sugar daddy gets to cut the line & always prefers to be on top (of a google search that is!).

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looking for:

big brands with big bucks. (no, we’re just playing. you don’t have to be big to take this package home.) service industries, home improvement businesses, builders, retail lines, restaurants, hotels or business aiming to cut to the chase & jump to the top of the list in Google search are all in need of a sugar daddy.

a date with me looks something like:

-one-time metadata website optimization (SEO)

-google ads

the yoga teacher

the hipster

the plane jane

{looking for more? third wheel options best suited for you might be: the plane jane, the hipster (existing businesses) or the yoga teacher (new businesses}