who is you?

we are you.


you is our name. why you? because we’re all about you! traditional marketing bores us. we want people so see you for who you are. not just another business like the rest of them. you do your thing & we’ll tell the story.

We don’t believe in space & time. By that, we mean we don’t have an office & we don’t punch a clock. you is a coming together of minds from here, there & everywhere or what we like to call a community. we source the top dogs for every job & because our community gets to choose where they work — the hot tub, under a palm tree on a beach, mid-way up Mt. Kilamanjaro (yes, this really happened…) —our people stay happy so that they can give you exactly what you deserve & what you promises. kapesh?



honey, they broke the mold when they made you! with all you’ve got going on, we don’t believe in fitting your head to toe in a one-size-fits all. that’s why we’ve tailor-made creative packages to best fit your marketing needs. if the shoe fits, Cinderella you can have your glass slipper! remember, you can always break it in with a few easy a la carte adjustments. just drop it like it’s hot all the way down to the bottom of the screen to see your options.

you serves the US on both coasts. we’ve got people over here & homies over there so we’re basically bi-coastal. our home base is Wilmington, NC (for now) but our crew & clients extend all the way out to the left side with creatives out in San Diego & Los Angeles, CA. with laptops & hotspots, we’re able to creatively collab with anyone around the world.


okay. you like what you see behind the screen but you’re all like…who is this wizard of Oz? we know there’s no place like Om so we want you to feel at peace when you’re signing on for something that means you’ll have to whip out that wallet. we don’t need Tinder to set a date. tell us when & where works best for you here & we’ll pencil you in. not in our area? no worries! we’d be happy to share some screen time with you using our remote conferencing system.


ever watch a mouse spin on its wheel? that’s what we feel like when we look at most branding & advertising. google makes shit simple. even if you can’t spell Etsy, autocorrect can get your there & you can buy a logo for like $5. WARNING! It will look exactly like someone else’s. gahhhhh!!! that drives us mad. you are unique. that’s why you came to you.

The creator of you, Jenny Yarborough, believes that there is marketing that uses money & popularity to sell shit & there is authentic story-telling that serves as marketing. she & her team are down with the latter. your story is unique. Let you tell your story.


easy. peasy. we’re kind of different. you still like us? ok. cool, bro! fill our our brief questionnaire & you will get back to you pronto!

although internet dating has the world in and out like a McDonald’s drive-thru, we’re not in it to hit it & quit it. in fact, we reward our clients for staying true. committing to a year-long contract is the best way to save you from those awkward moments when it looks like you’ve been around. it can be a challenge to remain authentic to your brand when you have multiple companies involved. don’t let it get sticky! if a dolla will make you holla, we suggest carving a year-long package into your marketing budget. let’s start a relationship that means something. you + you = happily ever after.


much love. many thanks.
us at you.

you is a team