the plane jane

you’ve got the world to see. we’ve got the world (wide web).

ain’t nobody got time for this! that’s what she said at least. the plane jane is a jetsetter & always on the move. just because you own a business doesn’t mean YOU have to do it all! let YOU (us!) do it for you! we know that the only time wasted is time spent doing something you don’t love so no need to bury your head in the books to try to figure out how to gain more instagram followers or get your brand out there where people can see it.

book now

looking for:

business owners on-the-go

a date with me looks something like:

-daily instagram management

-daily facebook management

-weekly blog posts

-weekly eblasts

-google ads

-routine website updates

the magician

the hipster

the starving artist

{looking for more? third wheel options best suited for you might be: the starving artist, the white rabbit, the magician and/or the hipster}