the magician

see what kind of guerrilla (rabbit?) marketing tricks we have up our sleeves.

digital marketing is all the craze but if you want to really make a statement that starts by NOT following the trends and doing what everybody else is doing. perhaps you’ve heard of our sister company — white rabbit trips? they’re the ones in the rabbit masks who turned heads just by turning a few tricks in rubber rabbit masks. guerrilla marketing, rabbit tricks. pot-a-to, po-ta-toe. want to grow your business in the most fun and locally affective way?

book now

looking for:

existing businesses, start-ups, festivals, restaurants…really, anyone who wants to make a statement

a date with me looks something like:

-creative direction

-guerilla marketing

-print design

the yoga teacher

the player

the urban cowboy

{looking for more? third wheel options best suited for you might be: the urban cowboy, the player, yoga teacher or the plain jane}