the yoga teacher

strike a pose + get your Gram ready to be an influencer.

whether you’re a yoga teacher, model, celebrity or retailer, Instagram is the easiest way to #sell, #slay & #workhardplayharder. this package isn’t about selling your soul. it’s about visualizing your brand, capturing that behind the camera & posing in a badass place so that you can post about your upcoming classes, products or events #everydamnday.

you won’t have to flip your dog to be a cool cat.

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looking for:

yoga teachers, speakers, coaches, models, celebrities, influencers, artists, musicians, bloggers, airbnb hosts, bands, retailers with online shops & Esty stores

a date with me looks something like:

-photo shoot

-basic user-friendly website

-website optimization (SEO)

-creative direction

-one coaching session

the plain jane

the player

{looking for more? third wheel options best suited for you might be: the player or the plain jane}