the urban cowboy

call the sheriff because there’s an outlaw on the loose. that’s you, cowboy (or cowgirl)! the urban cowboy is perfect for events you want to begin & end with a bang-bang. you’ve only got one shot so save your horse, hire a cowboy! giddy up.


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looking for…

event planners, nonprofits & fundraisers, yoga studios, bands, start-ups, music venues, festivals


a date with me looks something like…

before event:

graphic design: digital & print, creative direction, facebook event cover design & setup, pr, event planning, instagram digital poster, ad campaign & three months of daily posts & engagement

during event:

instagram story handling, photography

post event:

facebook event album, pr recap

{looking for more? third wheel options best suited for you might be: the yoga teacher or the plain jane}

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