white rabbit trips

If the only way out is in, we dug pretty deep on this one. Rabbits don’t do well in a box so we went outside of it to set this badass business free. 

Word to your Mama Rabbit. It has got to get out there! We’ve got awards from the NCPA (North Carolina Press Association) to back up our story-telling capabilities & we know how to get yours out there. The End.

08. copy & press

What better way to get your name out there than to put your name on someone’s back?

07. product design

Weekly eblasts are a must. Email & they will come.

06. eblasts

05. social

Schedules, posters, digital imagery, social media posts, business cards, etc. etc. etc. 

04. graphic design

W. has been out of office for quite some time but the www. still rules when it comes to letting your people know what’s up, doc. 

03. website

We pulled the rabbit out of the hat to begin establishing digital, print & social visuals with some of our faves. From shoot scouting, directing, photography & film, we have a team that can handle it all. 

02. photography/

The Mama Rabbit of White Rabbit Trips just so happens to be the founder of U, too. So we went all out on this second biz of hers beginning with business planning, creative concepts, working with a local artist to design the logo, mantra (what we like to call a tagline), voice & everything else it takes to establish a business from the ground (or the rabbit hole) up.

01. branding