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who do you love?

are you feeling that peace, love & happiness comes from personal connection? well, we’re down with that. surveys (actual statistics) say most local biz does actually come from word-of-mouth. so let’s go with that! let’s get physical. by that we mean let’s make real connections. we’ll connect you with real people to serve as brand ambassadors to rock your product or service digitally & in real life. we’ll schedule photo shoots to do this & create a package that serves as the perfect partnership between you two. this way your ambassador’s people become your people & vice versa. this grassroots package is the perfect people-pleaser. feel the love.

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looking for:

restaurants, retailers & service industries seeking grassroots & social connection

a date with me looks something like:


-art direction




-ambassador scouting + programming (optional add-on)

the boss mom

the player

{looking for more? third wheel options best suited for you might be: the player or the boss mom}