petals to the people

These blooms were made for walkin' + that's why Wilmington's Flower Girl - Erin Ellsworth - decided to move that bus. Her total biz + bus transformation made Petals to the People a moveable reality bringing color to all she met a long the way. 

She has a way with flowers. We have a way with words + a knack for pairing that with pretty photography to say the rest. For this project, we worked with Erika from Honey Head Film Co. to bring our visions to life.

03. copy + visual

While Petals is bringing flowers to the people, her site can do the selling for her with a full eclectic boutique powered by Shopify.

02. website

Let's just say the people were raving when we colored their world with this rebrand. Because pops of color is the name of Petals' game, we created variations of her logo for every occasion. Not to play favorites but it's one of our all-time faves!

01. branding

It's a must for businesses these days + we've got it handled (literally!).

04. social

When moving from brick + mortar to e-commerce, email marketing is so key! Making sure all Petals' people know about new items in the shop + sales is our job + our honor.

05. email marketing