cactus couch

Life can be prickly. Start a change you can stick with. Pretty cute, eh?! We thought so too. 

Take a seat on the Cactus Couch website. Don't worry! The Cactus Couch isn’t literal. Cactus Couch counseling is more of a metaphorical name for finding comfort in the uncomfortable. 

03. website

We didn't goto the desert for this shoot but we did haul in about a dozen of cactus from our friends at The Plant Outpost to make sure our pics matched up with our prick(ly) new brand!

02. photography

In a world full of therapists, we wanted to distinguish our client from the rest and that's why we worked with her to come up with a unique name and tag that would set her apart. Plus, we really like incorporating cacti in our graphic design. Giddy up!

01. branding